Looking Back - Don't Forget

Looking Back - Don't Forget

As my husband, my daughter, and myself was out celebrating her graduation and having a fun night out on the campus of Penn State University, this young man walked past us and my husband thought that he looked familiar, so my husband asked him if he was from Chicago, he said: “No, I am from Philly, it ain’t about where you came from, but where you are at.” This young man then turned and walked away like he had really dropped the knowledge bomb on us and that the mic had been dropped. For some reason though, after he turned and walked away, I just had an urge to go follow that young man and let him know that what he said may be true up to a point. I didn’t follow him though, because I was there to enjoy family time and not chase after a young man to have a philosophical debate about his thoughts. As we continued enjoying ourselves throughout the night, I kept thinking about what this young man had said though. As I danced with my husband on the dance floor and laughed at my daughter and her friends jokes, I couldn’t stop my mind from thinking that it isn’t just about where you have come from all the time, because if we just focused on where we are at, then we will never be able to help others who may still be where we came from and then we will not be able to testify and help others to overcome.

Yes, we should be thankful and happy about where we are now in our lives, but at the same time, I believe that the journey to getting to where we are is what makes us appreciate where we are at. The path that we each individually takes to get to a certain point in our lives, is what makes it all worthwhile. I believe that the process is what makes us stronger, it is what makes us understand more about ourselves, it is powerful. The process may not have been a glorious one to walk through or even fight through for some of us, but if we were to look back and see where we have come from and then look at where we are at because of our not giving up and stopping, we wouldn’t be able to understand the power of God’s grace and love in our lives. Our roads may have had different types of hindrances, burdens, and/or roadblocks on it, but we made it. Just making it from yesterday to today is something to celebrate. I believe that our story is not just for us, but for others. Some of us walk down certain paths so that we can clear the path for others and some of us walked down those cleared paths so that we can let those who cleared it know that it was because of them that we are now able to keep walking. I believe that this life is all about sharing with others your story, rather good or bad, so that others can know that they are not alone and that they can make it through whatever situation that they may be going through in their individual lives.

I have so much more to say about this one statement, but then I would end up writing a book and not a blog post. It is such a great statement of debate also. I just thank God that he has given me the power to help people and myself overcome by the word of my testimony.

If I was to ever see that young man again though, I will stop him and tell him this: “Don’t forget where you came from, because that is what got you to where you are at.”

Pray this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for helping me to overcome and for gracing me with a powerful testimony, so that I can help someone else overcome. Of course, when I was in the midst of it, I may not have been able to see how powerful I was, but now I understand why you allowed me to go through the process. I was not just created for nothing, I was created for a purpose. I was created to help establish your kingdom in this earth. Continue to use me for your glory and let me never be ashamed or embarrassed to tell others of where I came from and what I been through. Some of the things may have been even caused by my own lack of knowledge and understanding, but I thank you for loving me through it and bringing me out of it. Never let me walk in a spirit of pride thinking that I am too good to tell my story or that others are not worthy for me to share it. Let me always walk in humility. Let me be courageous and bold as I speak, and holy spirit thank you for guiding me through each day. I thank you God for your grace and your love. It is in Jesus’ name that I pray. Amen.